Embedded Android for Automotive

Auto manufacturers are integrating Android™ Automotive OS (AAOS) in their vehicles. Reduced development and maintenance costs, a full set of integrated media codecs, the availability of an app market, and a proven user interface are some factors driving the adoption of AAOS.

AAOS is a version of Android tailored for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) – navigation, vehicle status, audio, and more. This course is based on the source code for Android Automotive which is available as part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Dieser Kurs wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

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  • Inhalte
    • Introduction to Android
      • Android architecture: the big picture
      • The Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
      • Building Android from source
      • The impact of Project Treble
    • Creating a new Android product
      • The structure of an Android device
      • Setting basic hardware characteristics
      • Integrating Linux and Kernel modules
      • Adding the product to the "lunch" menu
    • The kernel
      • Looking at some Android-specific changes to Linux
      • Building Linux from source
    • Booting Android
      • Options for storage layout
      • Flashing images using fastboot
      • Android init: events and services
      • Understanding run command (.rc) scripts
    • The Android build system
      • Building a product from packages and modules
      • Android makefiles (Android.mk)
      • Android Blueprint files (Android.bp)
    • The Android framework
      • Understanding Android services
      • The role of binder and AIDL
      • Adding a custom system service inside a persistent app
      • Accessing the service from a platform library
    • Security
      • How Android permissions work and how to add your own
      • POSIX User ID and Group ID within Android
      • Understanding and modifying SELinux policy files
    • The Hardware Abstraction layer
      • HIDL - HAL Interfaces Definition language
      • Run-time linking and the Vendor Native Development Kit (VNDK)
      • The Vendor Interface (VINTF)
    • Testing: CTS and VTS
      • Validating your Android implementation using the Compatibility Test Suite, CTS
      • Testing the Vendor HAL using the Vendor Test Suite, VTS
    • Android Automotive
      • Android and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment)
      • The architecture of Android Automotive
      • Building Android Automotive from AOSP
    • The Vehicle HAL
      • Interface to vehicle buses (e.g. CAN)
      • Defining and exporting Vehicle Properties
      • Subscribing to vehicle events
    • The Car API
      • The Car Service
      • The android.car.* classes
      • Writing system car applications
      • 3rd party car apps
    • Audio in Android Automotive
      • Audio in normal Android
      • Audio policy configuration
      • Integrating Android audio with the vehicle audio system
    • The Exerior View System
      • Meeting the 2 second boot requirement
      • The Exterior View System (EVS)
      • The EVS camera and display HALs

    The first part of the course gives a detailed background on the Android operating system. In this section, you will learn how to build Android from source and run the system images on the target device. You will learn about the Android security framework and SELinux policy. All code and examples are based on Android version 13 and covers the new hardware abstraction layers introduced in Project Treble.
    Once the ground work is in place, the later topics show how the services and features that are part of Android Automotive provide the framework for an IVI system. You will begin by building Android Automotive from AOSP and then see how it integrates with vehicle networks, such as CAN bus, via the Vehicle HAL. You will also find out about the new Extended View System which ensures the video stream from the exterior cameras is presented to the driver within 2 seconds of powering up the device.

    Roughly half of the course is taken by hands-on lab sessions during which you will apply the theory to create an Android Automotive device.

    The course is available on-site (plus Traveling expeneses from UK) or Online LIVE . On-site training takes place in your offices and will include an ARM-based development board for the labs. For the online version, we use a virtual classroom based on cloud instances and a browser UI, using the Cuttlefish emulator as the target.

    This course is ideal for system architects, engineers and project leaders who want to learn the details of Android Automotive.

    • Good knowledge of embedded Linux concepts, such as toolchain/bootloader/kernel/root filesystem
    • Good knowledge of Linux command-line tools such as make, grep, and find
    • Good knowledge of C/C++ and Java
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    08.07. – 12.07.2024 Online LIVE - Englisch
    19.08. – 23.08.2024 Online LIVE - Englisch
    • Electronic copies presentations and lab notes
    • Worked solutions to the problems

  • About the Trainer:
    Simon Goda has been working in semiconductors/embedded systems for over 20 years, joining STMicroelectronics in 1999 in their graphics products division. After a few years designing algorithms & architectures for 3D Graphics processing, he moved into the consumer division, providing training and technical support for a range of CPUs, tools and OSs. In this role he spent most of time working with customers, helping them develop software and applications for consumer devices like set-top boxes
    using embedded Linux, embedded Android and RTOS's.
    Simon Goda is a Senior Member of Technical Staff developing and teaching the Embedded Training portfolio for Doulos Limited.
  • Täglich 9.30 bis ca. 17.00 Uhr
    5 Kurstage, je Tag 6 Stunden
  • Stimmen & Feedbacks unserer Seminar-Teilnehmer

    bewertung 5 "Was a very good course, I did not know anything about Android, and now I have a general grasp of how it works!" João Ribeiro, Critical Techworks 
    "I know now more about the android platform. At the moment Im not involved in developent, but if that changes Im now better prepared for this. So the course was verry usefull to me."
    "Very good trainer the provided cloud instances were really helpful labs did pleasantly break up the presentation."
    "A lot of information which i could use in the labs. The trainer made it easy to understand the topics. Great course!"
    "Real deep dive, giving a very good round trip in such a big topic within "only" 4 days. One of the best trainings I ever visited!"
    "The material was not easy but it seems that Chris did very great to present it in understandable way. I think that presentation is also pretty good. I found that this training answers many questions I had about architecture of functioning of systems not only like android and believe it will be usefull for me at work. It was nice that some concepts mentioned here are universal. Very topic was clearly explained will little room for the participants to be left with any doubts."
    "The technical competence / qualification of the trainer. 
    Very good training covering all the major concepts of embedded android with a big focus on the Automotive perspective. The clarity in the presentation and in the Trainer comunication. Very objective and with a high level of knowledge about the subject." 
    "Knowledge of trainer in the particular topic. Effectiveness and clarification of Knowledge of trainer in the particular topic. Effectiveness and clarification of doubts."
    "Sehr empfehlenswerte Schulung für Android-Einsteiger."  Joynext GmbH
    "Really good training for people who needs to deal with Android devices on the system level."
    "Very professional training on complex topic Android Embedded and Automotive. Good balance between lessons and exercises."
    "The content was explained really well and detailed. Especially the huge amount of information about the Android OS was awesome."
    "Chris Simmonds has collected deep expertise in Android and Android Automotive over the years, and participants in this training get a good overview and starting point in his training. His independence from Google makes Chris a valuable guide in the Android world. He is kind and friendly, responds to questions and has prepared excellent training exercises which build on top of another, so are really satisfying. After this training you have good starting points to dig deeper in the Android and Android Automotive universes."
    "Loved Chris. He is a master of Android Automotive. Thank you very much for teaching us."
    "I do like it very much. It is really a boost with all these condensated contents. Maybe it could benefit of being a 5 day course, just to give a little more time for labs."
    "A well-prepared course content presented by an outstanding instructor." Critical Techworks
    "It was a great experience! It allowed me to know more about AOSP and Automotive Android."
    "I was 4 intense days, with a lot of information presented. I didn´t had any knowledge on android platform before this course, and now I have all the tools necessary to start working with it."
    "Competent and friendly trainers. Tea Breaks at perfect time spots. Mixture of lecture and lab."
    "I had no knowledge about the AOSP but now i have good overview of the different components."
    "Very good overview of Android with a lot of detailed knowledge."

    bewertung 4 5 "Lots of new/interesting stuff i did not know before, especially most thing below application level good trainer. Great, interesting topics Lab task could be more challenging for even better understanding of topics."
    "Amazing teacher, good contents, the knowledge sharing, also presentation was pretty clear."
    bewertung 4 "Good starting point for developing with the AOSP."
    "Overall it was good to get insights on some aspects of aosp."
    "Awesome course to get the overall picture of Androids working mechanismus."

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